Sumitomo Electric Wintec America, Inc.
LocationEdmonton, KY, U.S.A
ProductsFilm-Insulated Copper Magnet Wire
Product Size RangeAWG 12 (2.0mm) ~ AWG 45 (0.045mm)
Annual Production Capacity26 million pounds
Customer Base Automotive: 60%
Transformer/Motors: 30%
Other: 10%
AUG 1988Started as a division of Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems
APR 1989Spun off as a corporation (Sumitomo Electric Insulated Wire)
JAN 1990First shipment of magnet wire
SEP 1990Formed 50/50 joint venture with Phelps Dodge Magnet Wire Company (SPD Magnet Wire Company)
OCT 1996ISO-9002 Certified
JUN 1998Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., purchases 100% stock holders share, forming Sumitomo Electric Magnet Wire America, Inc.
OCT 1999QS-9000 Certified
NOV 2003Name changed to Sumitomo Electric Wintec America, Inc.
OCT 2005ISO-9001:2000 Certified
MAR 2006ISO-14001:2004 Certified

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